Helping homeowners realize the creative vision for their home, garden or landscape project is our top priority. True to the Design/Build philosophy, the heart of every project Integral Design assists on beats with a unique, strong design concept with a long term vision in mind for your home and property with a focus on creating solutions that function well over time and can be built to last.


The first step in the design process is an in-depth consultation with our lead designer, where we take the time necessary to explore the untapped potential of each property. We strive to provide comprehensive answers to your questions, and unearth the most creative solutions to challenging design situations.


Once the creative vision for your project has been established, we thrive on getting our hands dirty delving deeper into the design process, and will provide fully detailed plans, renders and illustrations, along with advice and suggestions on how to incorporate subtle yet efficient design elements and solutions.

Senior Designer

Nate Bomford

Nathan Bomford, MFA, Senior Designer

Nathan Bomford, MFA,
Senior Designer

A practising contemporary artist, our senior designer Nate applies his extensive background, formal education, and technical expertise in visual and creative arts to every home, outdoor space and landscape design project he works on.

Having earned his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Victoria, along with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, it’s the harmonious marriage of Nate’s artistic and design sensibilities with the wishes of each client and the individual demands of each site, that lead every project to a unique conclusion.